Do you ever..?

Do you ever wonder if others feel the same as you? If they ever have struggled.

Emotions conflicting within one battlefield. Which also happens to be the peaceful meadow upon the good times. The very things that enable us to be us. Change us. Do they?

Am I a horrible person because I can be morbid and stubborn, yet also happy and helpful.

Im the same person, no matter whats showing, I still aim to be the person who could at least be remembered for putting a smile on your face.

I often wonder what great jewels in life we miss because we don’t spend time looking past the dirt of life, nurturing them, learning who they really are. In reality though, that is part of what makes us more precious. It makes those who do bother more special to us because they bothered to care enough to try.  You can’t take away the struggles, the negativity, but it’s eased knowing you are there. That someone sees us as worth enough to want to be around. The friend in the darkness. The same friend in the light.

One of many of my favorite quotes that someone has said is “Good friends are like stars. You can’t always see them, but you know they are always there.”


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