Honestly, there’s truth in every article you’ll read about uni.

It is good to sign up for the groups, to step out of your box, make new friends.

Some of those people, even if you don’t keep in contact forever will forever stick in your mind. The great times, giggling in the most serious of your lectures with your best friend, so you leave for the pub. The moments you have to pick friends up off the floor due to extreme alcohol consumption. Even, when you feel all alone on the bathroom floor, with your friend sat with you so you know you’re never alone.

University, can be great. It’s also somewhere where you grow up, you learn a lot in life skills, not just your given topic. Coming from someone about to graduate, I have a list of things that I would like to share along with learning how to live of frozen food and noodles, surviving thieves who leave you with one knife, fork and plate….

  • Don’t take everything everyone says as 100% truth (the second and third years have done it, but we don’t know everything)
  • Join groups, chats, but don’t push yourself if you aren’t interested. (That’s okay too, you will find your people.)
  • Unless you are an expert with money, expect to learn what the “typical student broke life” is like.
  • NO-ONE cares how you look when you turn up to lectures, even if you are half drunk/hungover. It’s a place where we learn, good on you for making the effort to turn up.
  • If you drink, you will end up turning up to uni hungover……..possibly multiple times.
  • BIG ONE** DON’T choose a course because your parents say so, if you aren’t interested, don’t waste years of your life when you could be making use out of what you ARE interested in.
  • Uni is a place you probably will find breaking point emotionally or mentally, don’t be scared to talk to anyone. It won’t last forever.
  • All of the new information can be daunting, ask others if you need to you won’t be the only one who doesn’t know when that chemistry test is, or when we have to record our skills.
  • Enjoy the range of events going on throughout uni (you will miss it over summer)
  • lastly for now.. Take all the freebies you can!! (I once got a 20 pack of lucozade free because a friend asked if they could and 6 of us got them free!

University is a place that you will have a love-hate relationship with. In the end, I know that I’ll miss it.





So much that I will be back.

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