What of the world in my head?

That world that flips, grows numb, my eyes are stapled open,

My hands are icy, my mind is running,

Down the streets, my mind flying above the little people in their own world’s.





Chests scream to release,

Eyes deny their commands,

Thoughts rouge, there but not there,

Like an alternative self, yet fully aware.

No mannerisms change just the mind.

The conceptual depiction of that lake, with trees surrounding every inch of the border, beautiful beach fronts. Yet darkness deep within the core, don’t swim too far baby. It’s not safe.

Madness, is not safe.

The loss of connection with people, places, things, humanity. Danger.

Danger. Breathe. Running, panting, all you can do to cope with the oddity is walk, move, run, scream, sing, cry, move.

For without movement, there is no change .

Simply a slide, a drag by the ahnkles into madness. That bittersweet addictive madness, the sweet call, dip a toe. Untill it grips you and crawls upon your limbs and mind, dragging, carrying you into the darkness.

Don’t leave

When the nights draw in and the skies become littered with jewels

Don’t leave me

When the oceans roar and the people talk

Don’t leave me

When minds wonder, absent of light , eyes glow, porcelain stains

Don’t leave me

When hearts bleed, one for another, beats skipping

Don’t leave me

Breathe, statuesque figures in the fog, awaiting the warmth of the sun once more

Don’t leave me

Did you know? (TALK)

Did you know that “mental health” does not just refer to sickness?

It includes stress, and happiness, regularity.

Did you know that stress and other psychological issues can manifest in physical symptoms?

Ie. sleep problems (too much/ not enough/ difference in regularity), abnormal aches, persistent headaches, mild skin conditions, to name a few.

Did you know, right now, there are still so many people, young, old, men, women, who are scared of letting anyone know they are struggling, with stress, stereotypes, or admitting they aren’t healthy. Asking for help.

I bet you know the statistics that get thrown at you?

Suicide one of the highest killers in this country.

What not everyone knows is how it feels. Sure you get stressed or depressed, but EVERYONE experiences the same emotions differently. It is OKAY to feel happy, sad, alone, empty, but the worst thing we can do is not tell anyone, even a stranger over the phone. One of the worst things we can do is shut people out, or forget to create a safe place for someone to just talk.

The world revolves around communication. Just letting someone know you are there if they need, if there is ever anything you can do, don’t hesitate to tell. Just having safe environments has statistically reduced stress, and suicide, and opened communication and support networks for people struggling, with ANYTHING.

I choose you

In life we face highs and lows,

I choose you,

We struggle, battle, fight,

I choose you,

We often get sucked into the deepest of pits,

(Mentally, physically, metaphorically), 

I choose you,

There comes a day when we realise for ourselves,

That what everyone else told us is true,

I choose you,

We can’t do everything alone,

I choose you,

We need people to stand beside us and support us,

To be there when we can’t anymore,

To care, to simply care, to hug, to laugh, to be with,

I choose you,

To be a teammate in the amazing, tough game of life

I choose you.

You Have Been Chosen.

Do you ever..

Do you ever wonder to yourself…”what if’s”

Do you ever look into someone specials eyes and see how they see you

Do you ever get excited for the future


Do you ever look back on yourself and feel proud of where you are now vs back “then”

Do you ever contemplate the universe

Do you ever get stuck in your demons


Do you ever get scared to ask for help

Do you ever forget where I am


Dear superman,

Lois knows you adore her. She knows you trip over yourself, and become an awkward mess inside just like Clark. 

Yet she still let’s herself become vulnerable with you, because she knows your you either way superman or Clark, your super.

 Your not just super because you have power or a title, your super because you let her be there at your worst, most awkward times, and then she gets to see you become that amazing person everyone see’s you be. 

Yes, it’s true, but also know….it’s the same for her too. 

At the end of the day, you get to wake up together, don’t forget to remember the little things.


What If?

What if I saw you again?

What if we sat outside that little pub by the water all night….dreaming beyond the stars?

What if our hearts wouldn’t let go of each others hands?

What if I never saw you again…

I don’t think I could bear it.

Your lips on mine caressing, 

Flesh dancing upon each other, 

Fingers intertwined, 

Warmth radiating through hearts, minds, 


Its odd, feeling, when your mixed, so mixed up you can’t pin point one specific emotion,

You don’t just warm my lips or my hands, 

Your thawing my heart, 

Standing proud and protective as I fix myself (ourselves).

For our sakes I just hope we don’t fall to fast, 

Fall off this road, loose ourselves, life is but an adventure,

We endeavour to ride it together          Xxx

1, 2,3….

One, Two, Three,

There’s ice in the halls,

Bugs on your knee,

They’ll make you scream,

Make you flee.


One, Two, Three,

One day you will see,

The girl in the hall,

Plain, So small.


One, Two, Three,

Noise, the key,

One, Two, Three,

What will I be?


Slits like eyes,

Claws for paws,

Drip, drip, drip,


Claws scar the halls,

She falls, she falls,

Glowing orbs,

Stalk you in the night.


One, Two, Three,

I am ready,

Fluffy as can be,

One, Two, Three,

Can’t catch me..




Don’t stop,

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Dodge, push, breathe, release,

harder, faster, falling.

Eyes, swallowing you,

consumed by darkness,


Breathe! In! Out!

Calm once again.

Minds revel in their peace once again… for how long?


One step, two step, thr…………