So, I’ve been thinking alot lately. About my future, my demons, my current, my past.

As always I strive to help people. I’m in my final year of an undergraduate degree, graduation looming above my deadlines, stressing my head out. I know that I’ll get onto that Masters course. I can’t not, my one aim in life is to help people, I aim to be a counsellor. Yes, counsellors, therapists, psychiatrists, and ANY other profession can cope with people who suffer (okay, I hate that word. Lets just say experience) mental health issues (trials). Don’t worry, you can see a therapist who happens to be dealing with their own life too without fearing them not being able to cope. Although you shouldn’t be divulged their information anyways, but that wasn’t my point. My point is, I’m questioning why we as a society has built these lable-job stereotypes. Why can’t we just accept that people are people, we are all the same, strip us down to our bones, and were nothing different. I’m human. Oh! Hey! You’re human too? Go us!! Why do we let others and by proxy, ourselves fall into harmful categories. A name, is a name, is a name. Not a torture instrument, or a weapon. They never should be.

I started opening up about my mental health a few years ago. I am not ashamed. Not about me, my worries, or yours. Let me begin by saying this..

I AM PROUD OF YOU! You may not feel strong in the darkest moments, or the best, but you without fail, wake up each morning and do what you do. You battle yourselves and everyone else and win each day. You overcome so much. In a nutshell I suppose I’m writing this not just for everyone who see’s this, but also for myself.

I’ve been struggling recently, with things that may seem trivial, but when they tip. They suck you into that voided abyss full of wrestling your demons, fighting because it’s all you know. Clawing your way back out again. Just for a while, you can breathe again. It’s ok, I’m ok, you will be okay. Don’t be scared. There are so many reasons that you should fight, that you don’t see.  I could ramble on to the ends of the earth, so I think I’ll leave it with this.

You are not what you fear, you are so much more.

I admire those who consistently struggle with mental health, because, when all else fails, we fight. We may not know it, but we scream and shout and we kick our demon’s asses.

“Without sadness and trials we would not fully appreciate the happiness that life brings us.”

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