We often wonder why we aren’t happy.

Why aren’t we happy? If only I had this object, or that person’s attention, or because the world is so bad.

While things hold the potential to improve life, the one thing that is FREE and actually both spiritually and scientifically has been proven to improve happiness is Love, Goodness, Kindness, Patience. Why do we share so much hate, violence and sadness? While it is good to acknowledge what happens in the world, is it not better to get up off of our chairs and change the world?

If I feel lonely and broken and unsatisfied, I don’t need fixing, I need people who will stand by me while I fix myself. While I learn who I am, what kind of goodness makes ME happy? yes, but I know, part of that is being surrounded by happy people. People that I can help, spread happiness to or kindness or companionship. Believe it or not, these little things, everyday make a huge difference in people’s lives. All of these phrases and motto’s (Be the best you, that you can be. Good triumphs again. e.c.t.) just think about them for a moment. What use is it to anyone to spread hate, violence, negativity, and despair. We’re still learning the line between encouraging awareness of what happens in the world, but not giving way to it. It is so sad, that people die, are murdered, rights are taken away, e.c.t. and we can turn around and say we are not surprised that it happens in the world. What do you do?

What are you thankful for?