The power of music

Ladies, Gentlemen…..Merfolk….Humans, I’m all about feelings, and emotion.. on here, so I thought “hey, let’s talk music”.

Music is poetry for the soul, it has the power to coax our emotions, it helps explain and express how we feel. Ever notice you listen to the genre or the same songs when you’re sad or angry? Music can bring us to our knees because it is so beautiful or emotional, with the matching of the lyrics and tunes e.t.c. or it can make us dance (no judgement here, dancing has no rules, it’s basically any movement to a beat.) Sometimes, I just can not help but sit down and think about how amazing some of the everyday things we think of are. I can not help but feel that we as humans could not live without music, there are so many uses and needs for it. Calming, hyping up, sadness, happiness, beauty, it’s one of the ultimate forms of expression isn’t it? For those of us who can not find the words, more often than not,  we can find a song to represent what we want to say, and how we feel.  So powerful, music has saved SO MANY lives, and aids healing, because it gives us hope and an outlet. I am in fact listening to music as I type this post (and every post on here.)

For these reasons alone I honestly can not say that I have a favorite genre.

Do you?

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