I’m not sure what I get out of doing this, I suppose it’s like a journal really isn’t it? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Statistics speak for themselves when they say the number of people who experience a mental health issue at, at least one period of their life is GROWING. Though there are factors related to this such as:

  • A growth in acknowledged disorders, diseases, or conditions (as a whole medically, not just mentally as these can lead to mental health issues)
  • Does this show that society is doing something wrong?
  • Could lifestyles and culture changes help reduce such issues?
  • An increase of mental health awareness positivity campaigns (even the royals have been actively partaking -for which I admire them- )

One thing I know that I’ve heard many people with different issues say is that,  they have felt ‘abnormal, weird, or strange’ for feeling/ experiencing/ doing how or what they do. I’m here to say guys, there is no such thing as normal. ‘Normal’ is just a societally created term in order to define the majority’s lifestyle. It neglects to account for the concept that we are free willed beings, we think, feel and do what we like. Thus subjectivity (I both love and hate that word), it is completely okay to feel how you feel, however, it is soo much better to be or strive for health. Not fat, or thin, or happy or sad, those are labels. Just, striving to be the best you that you can be.

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